Privacy Policy

We don’t like legal language any more than you do, so let’s make this quick. Below is our personal stance on your private data. Our ecommerce platform, Shopify, has their own policy and it can be found here. We have reviewed it and find their policy is quite reasonable.

On Collecting Information

When you place an order, we do need to collect some personal information from you such as your home address, phone number, email address, and credit card number. We’re not nearly savvy enough to collect cookies and all of that other browser data you hear about. Seriously, we’re an art company.

On Using Information

We will not use the information we collect for any purpose other than fulfilling your order and sending you the occasional “We Love Our Customers” email. Those emails are truly occasional and generally contain discounts, so if you like discounts you should definitely allow those in your customer profile.

On Protecting Information

Honestly? This is a question for Shopify.  Fortunately, they are one of the best and largest providers of ecommerce sites on the web, and their systems are certainly much more secure than we could build on our own. In their privacy policy, they state that they comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), which certainly sounds official! On the MiaLena Designs side of things, only two employees have access to the data. The artist, Marybeth, and her son, Graham, who created the site.  Credit card information is encrypted by Shopify and processed somewhere behind the scenes. If you ask us, it’s magic. Again, we’re an art company.  That’s why we pay Shopify to host our site!

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